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"...Swords and all that"

Liverpool Fencing Club has had strong links with Liverpool University Fencing Club for over the last decade.

Currently, LFC coaches Keith McCarthy, Katrina Smith (Truro/LFC), Liam Melvein and Caleb McCarthy contribute to the development of Liverpool University fencers alongside our head coach Atanas Atanasov.

Liverpool University fencers enjoy a discounted rate at Liverpool Fencing Club. Membership and fees for the entire academic year cost only £90! Alternatively, students can pay per semester; the first 12 weeks = £52.50 inc. membership fee, and the final 10 weeks of term (including the Easter Holidays if you are still around) = £42.50.

The Liverpool University Fencing Club is located at the University of Liverpool's Sport and Fitness Centre, Bedford Street North, L69 7ZN. The club train at the following times:

*Full Club Training* Tuesday: 6-10pm (Sports Centre Hall 2)

*squad training* Friday: 6-8pm (Sports Centre Hall 2)

*Intensive Fencing* Saturday: 12:30-16:30pm (Sports Centre Dance Studio)

As it is a university club, they usually accept student members only. For questions and queries, please contact their club captain, you can find them on Facebook.